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Ayyurviva Diacure, 100 ML Syrup


AYYURVIVA DIACURE is herbal extract of Stevia Rebaudiana, Sauropus androgynous and many other plants to source essential vitamins and minerals. AYYURVIVA DIACURE is a therapeutic and preventive application and not symptomatic by rejuvenating beta cells in pancreas to secrete insulin naturally as required. This state is termed as Insulinogenic. Besides, it works pretty much the same for Insulinotropic patients, we refer the term when the available insulin in the body becomes insensitive. AYYURVIVA DIACURE sensitises insulin to metabolise glycosides. Therefore, type- II diabetics can rest assured of healing, from both the states of Insulinogenic and Insulinotropic which is curable with AYYURVIVA DIACURE

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