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In pursuit to healthy living

How did we start with AYYURVIVA….

Ayyurviva is not created by drive to make or achieve some milestone, it takes birth when love and compassion are showered by Mother Nature to heal the wounds of body and soul.

Today when we look into a public space people are engaging in activities that bring them good health and therefore happiness.

Ayyurviva is an effort to ensure that people are able to bring essence and balance to their lives with more ease and understand body needs, body metabolism and body cycle.


an aspiration held by one and all but seldom are we able to walk that path in true sense. Ayyurviva brings a few herbal potions to complement your desire to enjoy life to the fullest remaining healthy and therefore happy. Materialistic achievements can ensure availability of facilities. However, happiness is a state which one can achieve only if one is healthy and feels fulsome about himself or herself. Healthy living is a desire which is getting compromised by myriad life style impediments. Interestingly the more we try to bring convenience to our living, more we draw life style ailments. At Ayyurviva we offer solutions for appropriate healthy living “………..art of healthy & happy living”.

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