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Ayyurviva “30x” Stevia Extract ,

People with diabetes have difficulty regulating their blood sugar levels. By limiting their sugar intake with alternative natural sweeteners, they can enjoy avarice diet while closely controlling their sugar intake. Also, some sugar substitutes do release energy, but are metabolized more slowly, allowing blood sugar levels to remain more stable over time.

The use of artificial sweeteners has become controversial due to the health effects that are experienced by people who consume them. For a number of years, artificial sweeteners were a popular ingredient for the manufacturing of food, but their popularity started to decline after consumers discovered that they have negative health effects. There is recorded evidence showing that Aspartame, a non-caloric artificial sweetener, can lead to seizures, headache and attention deficit disorders. Some people experience heart palpitations,constipation and swelling of certain body parts after consuming this artificial sweetener.In some cases, regular intake of artificial sweeteners has resulted in addiction. Some people have developed an addiction fordiet cokes and other sweetened drinks due to the addition of sweeteners.

Stevia is a plant grown in south America and eastern Asia that’s beneficial for people looking to sweeten their diet without some of the pernicious effects of table sugar and other artificial flavorings. Its leaves are naturally sweet, and purified Stevia leaf is about 30x sweeter than sugar.

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